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  Got  trapped by Almond Eyes quite a long time ago [when was it? Ah, that's right, "Rescue" - I still have some episodes to watch . Although it's a shame, dorama has them only 9...  By the way, I would recommend this drama, I really liked the way how it portraits determination and a sacrifice... (looks like I'm moving away from the subject now)]

Anyway, my new hobby is checkin this community here community.livejournal.com/actor_daito_s/ few times a day, just because I want to read more and more of Almond Eyes himself (and written by himself, extremely cool, isn't it?), who's appearing in my new favourite dorama "Tumbling", witch I wold call a must-see sport dorama soaked with the fighting spirit. And those guys in tights... (well, they're not tights, actually: P).


Again, I'm making this entry extremely messy. So, what I wanted to say is that I've just turned eighteen and I shouldn't get THAT excited about Almond Eyes.


I always thought that Japanese have their own decorum rule and because of that a "s" word (especially said at loud) is prohibited. Next to some perverted Chinese movies or at least Korean deep kissing scenes, I always found Japanese productions innocent and as pure as snow that should be around me right now, but it isn't because of the global warming.
So, no "s", no "d" just Do Re Mi Pa Sol Ra (right, it's Korean, silly me)


Such a big "S".
Such a big "S" :D

Aired in 2003, starring:
Ninomiya Kazunari
Oguri Shun 
Narimiya Hiroki 
Suzuki Anne

I love it. I love the spirit, a typical Japanese humor, I love Dotei Boys and their existential problems. This dorama is incredibly amusing. Something I've already started to miss. 
And I'd love to tell the whole story but instead I fill you your cup with coffee and send you to watch!

Oh, and just as a closing mark, an icon I found here. Today I was driving back home and thinking about You're Beautiful and after when I saw it, it made me really happy somehow. 



Methinks I am going to crack if I don't write down all nonsenses I made.
Sources: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and Nodame Cantabile.

So I have this theory, this ridiculous theory that makes you wanna cry, like I would be the most cruel person in the universe. It's just a theory, you'd say, looking deeply into my eyes- your the very favourite way of scolding me. I don't mind, I created this theory, like I created all lies in my life wishing this one wouldn't be true.
I came up with this idea, feeling green tea in my veins instead of your warmth, so yes- my hand did became blue again. I adore the way people order me to go to doctor, they eyes are shiny and scared like they could get sick from me being bloodless.
I still don't mind.
Let's sigh and decide something finally. As we're standing in a traffic, the light will change soon. I'll advise you to be more polite, you'll advise me to stop smoking; we'll begin to run, I'll turn left, you'll turn right.
Everybody can feel well and fortunate for having me and my theory. That would make beliving in all this crap some psycho invented a bit less useless. I've just said:

We have to be lost to be found again.

First post's honors:
I'm not writing anything in particular, don't you dare call me romantique.
All is written for personal use- I mean to put somewhere my brilliant ideas.
To be honest, I'm japanese drama freak so it is possible that my brain has melted.