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Koppi, koppi!

Coffee and TV - doramas of all kind

Catee Walking Fridge


Catee desu!

I spend my time on:

watching Japanese, Korean, Taiwan dramas and movies

  • after school

  • while eating dinner

  • after dinner

  • in the evening

  • late night

  • weekends

  • holidays

  • drawing or painting
    studying English, German, French and
    recently Japanese and Korean
    studying Biology and Chemistry
    frantically cleaning
    eating apples
    exercising and stretching on my carpet
    drinking homemade wine with Kati
    listening to the music
    writing stuff
    being in love
    again watching Japanese, Korean and Taiwan dramas and movies

    That's right, my day has about fifty hours, and no, I'm not a cyborg. Just a weirdo :D